Fermentation Technology

Have you ever wanted to move the sensory dial slightly to highlight certain flavor notes in your food items? With our fermentation technology, now you can.

Our Capabilities

This expanded capability extends our range of proprietary flavor creation tools, offering you custom, clean-label ingredient solutions that provide the tastes consumers will love.

Adding natural fermentation technologies to the development process enables us to offer complex yet authentic, well-balanced flavor notes that can be uniquely modulated for impact.

Dairy fermentation is nature’s way of generating delicious flavor attributes without chemical or synthetic additives. These fermented dairy products are generally perceived as “clean” and can be labeled as all-dairy.

A Natural Process with Myriad Benefits

Simply put, fermentation is the process of putting nature to work. As part of a rapidly growing market, fermented products can play a key role in dairy. Learn how we are dialing in on robust flavor profiles with fermentation and how this can benefit your products.

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