Product Customization

Sometimes standard is perfect, but when you need a custom solution, our R&D team is here to help. We work with manufacturers, foodservice distributors and restaurant partners to craft new products, troubleshoot issues with current ingredients and bring new ideas to life through application innovations. As the global experts in dairy, our customers depend on us for the knowledge of all things dairy—from performance specs to product safety considerations. And of course, delivering on exceptional flavor is always our true sign of success.


With over 200 years of R&D experience, we have the expertise to meet your specific objectives, including flavor profile, functionality and texture.


Within our state-of-art ASTM-compliant testing facility we test sensory attributes to ensure reliable results. We also operate a pilot testing plant to quickly develop custom ingredients for testing and trial. Our Quality and Food Safety Management System completes the process with documented procedures and tests performed throughout production. Learn more about our sensory testing services. 

Custom Food Packaging

A full range of packing options is available for food manufacturers and foodservice companies, including totes, bags, pails and more. We also provide custom food packaging solutions for retail applications utilizing consumer-sized cans, poly jars and bags.

Fermentation Technology

Nature’s way of generating unique, clean-label flavors that can be modulated for impact.

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