A potato chip being dippd into a light blue and rust-colored bowl filled with French onion dip.

French Onion Dip

Are you looking to reduce sodium and deliver a savory dip to your customers? Our recipe uses several quality ingredients, including natural sour cream flavor, onion powder, and more, to create a French Onion Dip that truly tastes homemade. Our ASCENTRA Flavor Enhancer is a key ingredient in this recipe, working to amplify onion, beef, and buttermilk flavors that you’ve come to expect in a sour cream and onion dip, while reducing overall sodium content.

ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer is available in 50-pound net, multiwall kraft paper bags with polyethylene liners and in customized packs.

22.05% Maltodextrin
26.88% Buttermilk Powder
26.87% DairiConcepts Sour Cream Powder 36802
7.00% Salt
8.60% Onion Powder
2.70% Natural Beef Flavor
0.95% Natural Sour Cream Flavor
0.65% Citric Acid
4.30% ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer