Chipotle citrus dressing in a white ceramic bowl surrounded by a tray of assorted vegetables.

Cleaner Label Chipotle-Citrus Dressing

This salad dressing features our tart, creamy Greek yogurt ingredient and whole smoked chilies.

AMPLIFI ® Concentrated Pastes are available in 45-pound net weight, poly-lined fiber boxes and in customized packs.

4.75% AMPLIFI® Greek Yogurt Ingredient, Boldest 920500119
0.75% Lime Zest
1.00% Lemon Zest
1.00% Orange Zest
5.50% Rehydrated Chipotle Pepper
36.75% Mayonnaise
23.30% Greek Yogurt
0.15% Garlic Powder
0.10% Paprika
 0.05% Dried Cilantro
 0.15% Salt
 9.00% Brown Sugar
 0.50% Xanthan Gum