ASCENTRA®-Optimized Alfredo Sauce

A rich, creamy Alfredo Sauce with reduced sodium content.

ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer is available in 50-pound net, multiwall kraft paper bags with polyethylene liners and in customized packs.

42.00% Parmesan Cheese Powder 35518
15.00% Butter Powder 38128
9.00% Nonfat Dry Milk
6.00% Romano Cheese Powder 36923
7.00% Food Starch
6.00% Shortening Powder
3.00% Onion Powder
1.00% Garlic Powder
1.00% Parsley Flakes
3.00% ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer
5.00% Salt
2.00% Maltodextrin