Creating Sophisticated Food Options with Asian Spices

We live in a global community where traveling to foreign destinations for business and pleasure is increasingly common. And those international influences are transforming the average consumer’s palate. Diverse and exciting flavor profiles are no longer the exception — they’re the expectation. Consumers want unexpected flavor pairings and unique cultural connections through the food they eat. For food manufacturers, that means more than just dialing up the flavor; it also means delivering authenticity and creativity. Many producers turn to the full range of Asian spices for inspiration.

Asian spices are a go-to option when enhancing products for emerging markets. For producers meeting the vegan demand, the right amount of chili can boost the flavor experience of any vegetable dish. Tossing chili flakes into ready-to eat-salads adds unexpected zest while infusing oils with chili gives salad kits a bold Thai note.

Seeing the potential of a spice beyond its traditional applications can also expand a product offering. Many producers are exploring cinnamon in applications other than baked goods, adding it as a subtle Middle Eastern note for ready-to-eat lamb and rice dishes. Ginger, also commonly applied to baking, is finding a new role in fried rice and meat sauces. When infused in frozen desserts, ginger transforms traditional ice creams and yogurts with hints of Indian cuisine.

Certain Asian spices can give producers the ability to modulate flavor variation. For a fresh take on licorice notes, try star anise. It’s becoming a remarkable ingredient for meat dishes, allowing food manufacturers to create regional distinction for selective consumers. For example, defining Indian biriyani from its Iranian counterpart with a dash of anise can help capture a niche market share.

Asian spice can build out an impressive new product line. Cumin is an infusive spice that’s ideal for rubs and marinades. Imagine a line of cumin-enhanced slow-cooker sauces setting your brand apart on store shelves. Black cumin can be infused into vegan marinades or chutneys to capture consumers looking for new flavors. Health attributes make some Asian spices, such as turmeric, even more advantageous. While turmeric creates remarkable chicken satay and enriches a variety of meat and rice dishes, it also brings a host of proven health benefits to a product’s marketability. 

With an ingredient partner experienced in formulating spice notes, a food producer can explore a wide range of strategic culinary routes. They can enrich an existing product line with even more robust flavor or create a new product offering with using creative spice profiles. Experienced ingredient partners can help define those precise flavors that distinguish culinary regions, such as delineating the refined differences of Cantonese and Szechuan stir-fry. With the broad spectrum of Asian spice profiles and a confident ingredient partner — the flavorful possibilities are endless. 

DairiConcepts has become the innovative partner for food manufacturers that need customized ingredient solutions. Doing more than just helping food producers achieve their dairy flavor goals, DairiConcepts is creating better flavors, creamier textures, and clean label foods. They’re delivering a product with the desired flavor in mind while keeping up with consumer’s evolving tastes. Order a sample to experience the DairiConcepts difference.

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