Pete Pyeatt, A Creative Leader at DairiConcepts

Growing up on a dairy farm in Bentonville, Arkansas, Pete Pyeatt’s future in the dairy industry feels almost like fate. Small-town life and being raised on a farm instilled in him a sense of responsibility and a passion for dairy that he still carries today. From his family farm to the University of Arkansas, his interest in dairy has only grown. Pete majored in dairy science, and while he enjoyed many aspects of managing cattle on the farm, he found himself drawn to the hands-on work of the lab and the intricacies of how products are manufactured. After college, Pete sought greener pastures and pursued a position with Mid America Dairy, where he could serve the dairy industry at a larger scale.

Mid American Dairy was already growing when Pete joined, and it eventually evolved into DairiConcepts. Pete started as a supervisor, dabbled in quality assurance, and worked with processing plants and private labels. He is now the director of product development for DairiConcepts’ powders and hard cheeses group. As a multifunctional team that completes customer-generated projects, Pete’s team innovates new ways to marry flavors and manage unique requests.

Pete is responsible for running a creative team. It’s his job to stay out in front by screening projects while simultaneously checking in on his team’s individual projects. He’s also responsible for managing the physical operations of the innovation center. The innovation center is bustling with creative minds — and not only within Pete’s group. Those in the innovating lab work on developing new technologies, sensory analysis, test kitchen demos, canned and bottled products, and whole milk powder products. Pete ultimately ensures that the processes that come out of the center will be successful at the plant level.

Helping customers solve problems keeps Pete sharp and focused on his pledge to quality. Pete’s relaxed demeanor and creative mind foster a thriving creative space for him and his team members. With his current role and years of industry experience at DairiConcepts, Pete enjoys the opportunity to be a technical resource throughout the company, both sharing his knowledge and learning from others.

In his free time, Pete enjoys getting out on the golf course or running. While his love of running started with shorter distances, it bloomed into a long-distance passion, and he now runs marathons. Pete has also been married for almost 35 years — which is almost how long he’s been at DairiConcepts.

Pete believes in the company he works for and has remained loyal to DairiConcepts since it was formed. He will tell you that part of his success is owed to DairiConcepts itself. The company’s shared insights into business goals and the inner workings have helped employees like Pete to foster success for themselves and the company simultaneously.

DairiConcepts has become the innovative partner for food manufacturers that need customized ingredient solutions. Doing more than just helping food producers achieve their dairy flavor goals, DairiConcepts is creating better flavors, creamier textures, and clean label foods. They’re delivering a product with the desired flavor in mind while keeping up with consumer’s evolving tastes. Order a sample to experience the DairiConcepts difference.

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